My obsession with ageless living has been such a joy for me and starting this blog has taken it to a whole new level. I enjoy exploring what makes a woman thrive in her life and the process has boosted my own ageless lifestyle, and I expect that to just continue to grow. That’s what I want for you too.

I thought it might be easy to isolate what I’m calling The 8 Aspects of Ageless Living to make it easy to stay on course. As far as I can see, ritualistic focus on these aspects will help one master the fullness of the lifestyle.

So here they are:

The 8 Aspects of Ageless Living

In my viewpoint mindset is the most critical aspect of an ageless lifestyle. Why? You must first decide that you are ageless in order to live the lifestyle. You must have a definition of what it means to be ageless and you must decide that you embody that definition…at least in your mind. Once you do that developing a practice becomes easy.

According to our modern culture mid-life is the beginning of a woman’s decline and if you believe that it will be easy for you to accept signs of decline in your own life. The problem is it’s just not true! Today’s 40, 50 even 60 year old women are living more vibrant, meaningful lives than ever…when they choose to. It really pains me when I hear a woman declare what is supposed to happen after 40. When I do, I am in adamant opposition to the thought of accepting anything just because someone else did.

So I’ll frequently post content that reminds you of what an ageless mindset looks like so you can address it in your own life and maybe even positively influence the sister-girls around you.

In order to truly embody an ageless mindset and live the lifestyle you’ll need to establish a firm connection with your inner-self and a spiritual connection is critical as well. Why? This is where unlimited strength, guidance, creativity, energy, hope and love is found. It really is who you really are. Your soul is already ageless and knows exactly what to do to bring your mind and body into balance. So having a ritualistic practice that connects you are your deepest level is what makes establishing ageless lifestyle easy and simple and fulfilling. It’s definitely a must have!

When I speak of wellness I am referring to the state of our body and what we can do to promote it’s vibrancy, health, and keep up with our ageless life. I find having simple to keep rituals, developing our relationship with our body and caring about what goes into it. I’m not an extremist, but I do know that it’s important to do what you can to care for your body. Plus it feels good! I don’t think it needs to be complicated either so I’ll bring you simple tips that have the most bang for the buck. Living an ageless lifestyle can have you looking and feeling bester than ever before.

This should go without saying. There’s not much more important than the relationships in your life. The ageless woman recognizes this and places the relationships in her life in very high regard. The cool thing about life over 40 is that it’s easier for relationships to be deeper, more intimate. You can go from 0-60 in a short period of time. I think it’s because by now you know who you are and what you are attracted to in a person and you can ‘eye’ it very easily.

Of course by now you can also easily see past the facade people tend to wear and so you cut to the chase. I strongly believe that you are the company you keep so I listen carefully to a person before I move forward with a relationship.

When it comes to my life long relationships with loved ones, close friends, and family it’s life giving. So I focus on the quality of them. The ageless woman knows that her greatest source of joy is through her relationships.
The ageless woman knows that life is too short to not experience it with passion and experience passion often. You know passion is that thing you do that you get totally lost in, it requires use of your gifts and piques your interests. Some people work their passion, some people get to experience their passion on an everyday basis. It energizes you and brings out your creative side. It’s what you daydream about and what you always wanted to do.

The ageless lifestyle is full of passion and the ageless woman is always developing new passions in her life. It’s an exploration and should be a never ending one. There’s lots you can do to increase the passion level in your life and that will be a major focus here at The Art of Ageless Living!

I recognize ones style as the way they present themselves to the world and let’s the world know what’s unique and true about you. What you choose to wear, how you wear your hair and makeup, your home and it’s decor, the way you go about pretty much anything represents your style. It’s worth stepping back and making sure what you are expressing with your style is consistent with who you are, and what you want to be expressing.

Pleasure refers to igniting the senses through activity. There’s lots that can make you feel pleasure in life but the ageless woman insists on experiencing pleasure often. She knows what she loves and makes it a priority to treat herself. A great massage, decadent chocolates, Great wine, beautiful flowers. It doesn’t have to be a big production all the time but she is always exploring and noticing what is pleasurable to her.

I can’t stress the impact you surroundings has on your ageless lifestyle. As you become more and more ageless it’s more about comfort, and self-expression than anything else. I have made some of my best decisions leading to my happiest moments by considering my sanctuary in terms of self-expression and comfort and letting go of other influences.

Creating a sanctuary that inspires you and is built for your comfort keeps you feeling fresh, inspired, and creative. There’s a constant feeling of belonging and value when you look around and see your favorite things. So sanctuary can be your home, your office, your car or even where you choose to vacation. The ageless woman knows the importance of considering sanctuary when choosing wherever she will find herself next.