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Juice Plus is, quite simply, the easiest thing I that I offer to my clients, friends, and my own family. The Juice Plus company combines 30 whole fruits and vegetables into a capsule or soft chew, and we take them every day to bridge the nutritional gap between what my family needs, and what we can realistically eat in a day.

Does Juice Plus replace eating fruits and vegetables? Absolutely not. It merely fills the gaps in our nutritional intake. Clinical research studies show that the nutrients found in Juice Plus are absorbed by the body and improve a variety of health conditions. After a year of Juice Plus, my children were getting sick much less and were eating more fruits and vegetables. Win win!

Shop Juice Plus and contact me if you want to know if your child could be eligible to receive Juice Plus vitamins for FREE!


Metagenics is a high quality, physician-grade source of supplements and nutritional solutions that I’m proud to offer my clients.  I personally use their enzymes and probiotics on a regular basis.  It’s nice to be able to offer a product that you can trust in the superior quality that comes at an affordable price.  Check them out for more details at Shop Metagenics.