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Ranise Bryant Gillespie

Health & Transformation Coach, speaker, writer and also known as The HABIT MASTER
Many people find it difficult and nearly impossible to make the changes necessary to live in what’s called their life’s Sweet Spot.  Many who have entered midlife have experienced success in at least one area of life, they are driven, conscious and know how to make things happen.


But below the surface they crave the day when they can find joy, harmony, and freedom across the board so they can finally feel fulfilled.  To do this, those who are “ready” must find the courage to get clear about who they are and what they want from the soul’s perspective.  They must find the courage to reinvent their lives so it aligns with this vision.  The results…an inspired life that you love and Ranise Gillespie can help make it happen.
Ranise Gillespie is a Transformation Coach who helps women find and live in their life’s Sweet Spot.  She is a dynamic speaker and workshop facilitator who creates experiences for the audience that produces lasting transformation.

As a featured speaker Ranise shares: Live A Life You Love: 6 Critical Habits That Make Dreams A Reality including a wealth of information, dynamic interactive exercises, and hands-on experiences.  The experience empowers and equips the audience to embrace new options that leads to their life’s Sweet Spot. Her presentations are available for groups of all sizes and range from a 1- hour keynote to full-day workshops. All presentations are tailored to specifically meet the needs of each group.

Other Signature Presentations:


An interactive experience offering the audience a new paradigm about how wellbeing is a ffected by what is consumed from a mind, body and soul perspective.

Trick Your Body Into Releasing Stress: Regardless Of Your Circumstances

A mini-workshop designed to empower the audience to manage their stress without waiting for circumstances to change. Participants leave with easy, practical tools to manage stress in any situation.

Detoxing 101

The body itself is a most effective, efficient tool and periodically needs to reboot and revitalize. Learn why and how the body rids itself of accumulated toxins and waste and how to facilitate the process naturally with practical lifestyle adjustments.

What Should I Eat?

I get this question all the time. The market is full of confusing and conflicting information about what the body needs to thrive. What Should I Eat? breaks it down into basic easy to implement lifestyle adjustments that removes all anxiety.

My Great BIG Life: Finding alignment through Soul-setting

A step-by-step process that empowers participants to connect with their hearts deepest desires and set about their year allowing them to manifest on an everyday basis. Leading to more of everything you truly desire.

Mastering Your Inner Voice

Make the voices in your head work for you not against you is the goal of Mastering Your Inner Voice. Participants learn the source of the voices and learn techniques so these voices empower new beliefs and actions that are in alignment with core values and goals.

The Habit Makeover

A fun way to identify and encourage the habits that lead to the results you
want in life. The Habit Makeover is chock full of simple techniques that
empower a person to make lasting change.


Ranise Gillespie FULL BIO
Ranise Gillespie understands joy develops when a person prevails over stagnation and says yes to a life of inspired purpose. Ranise is a mother, grandmother, entrepreneur, and lover of life obsessed with helping women live in their life’s Sweet Spot.  This means walking the path where clarity, harmony, joy, and transformation are masterfully practiced through everyday habits and mindset.
Ranise developed a step-by-step process called the NewCreation Method™ which incorporates The 6 Laws of Real Transformation.  For the past 3 years she, her clients, and audiences have benefited from executing simple practices that facilitates true transformation…an upgrade of beliefs, thoughts, actions and results. This methodology is weaved throughout everything she touches and creates resulting is many women finding and living in their life’s Sweet Spot with ease.
Ranise teaches driven, conscious women The Art of Ageless Living through her online blog aptly called The Art of Ageless Living.  The blog is built upon what Ranise refers to as the 8 pillars of Ageless Living which are:  Connection, Style, Mindset, Pleasure, Relationships, Passion, Sanctuary, and Wellness.  Focusing on these pillars, she delivers personal experiences, inspiration, stories, interviews and valuable tips for increasing each of these in everyday life.
Ranise began her journey over 10 years ago, when at the end of an unhealthy marriage she found herself physically, mentally and emotionally sick and tired with multiple health conditions, all with chronic potential.
For the first time, she came in-tuned with her body and experienced the miracle of self-healing by adapting her food and lifestyle accordingly.  This experience inspired Ranise to commit herself to understanding holistic ways of living which are in harmony with her life goals.
She realized there was an opportunity to share with others the marvel of these concepts helping them achieve the life of their dreams in healthy, lasting, ways as a health and transformation coach.
Previously, Ranise was an award winning sales leader and coach for the IBM Corporation. This is where her passion to guide others to reach their goals was nurtured.
Ranise enrolled in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, the worlds largest nutrition program.  She has studied over 100 dietary theories from many of the worlds top  nutrition leaders, including.   Additionally, she has studied holistic therapies and proven coaching methods including the Transformational Coaching, NLP (Neural Linguistic Programming), Co-Active Coaching, and Positive Psychology equipping her to lead others to find freedom in mindset and healthy living.
Women who are busy, smart, high achieving, corporate success stories, mothers and business owners who are good at what they do, yet struggle to reach authentic fulfillment have sought to work with Ranise.  Clients report experiencing their own series of “epiphanies”, allowing them to change behavior and habits, leading to effective and lasting results.
Ranise is a fun, engaging speaker and workshop facilitator who offers hands-on, practical empowerment in an interactive experience, where the audience learns about themselves and walk away with reasonable action plans to implement immediate change.
Whether clients seek one-on-one mentoring, a group setting, or specific programs addressing common issues. Ranise has provided the relevant information, resources, and accountability they need to succeed.
Ranise Gillespie SHORT BIO
Ranise Gillespie is a Health and Transformation Coach and is also known as The HABIT MASTER who educates clients in powerful techniques for finding and living in their lives Sweet Spot.  That place where harmony, joy, and freedom are felt in every area of life resulting in authentic living and deep fulfillment.  Having found herself sick & tired after an unhealthy marriage, she lost weight, healed her illnesses, rid herself of depression and pursued her passion to help smart, high- achieving women find their life’s Sweet Spot.  Proven techniques, support, and her signature methodology called the NewCreation Method™:  The 6 Laws of Real Transformation makes it all possible. Now scores of women and audiences benefit from her obsession to produce lasting, effective results through her various programs and blog The Art of Ageless Living.
What’s Clients Have Said…
“This program helped me commit to take time out for me in a real way.”
“Today’s experience gave me permission to take an honest look at my life and where I am and I now have the tools to move closer to who I want to be.”
“It was great to be around women with similar goals at different stages and that gave me encouragement.”
“I really enjoyed the exercises with my table mates allowing me to articulate my thoughts and feelings real-time.”
“Ranise is a great communicator and helped me dig deep where I haven’tgone in a long long time.”
“This experience will help me deal with a stressful situation at work.”
“This experience taught me to focus on what I can control to get the results I want.”
“It’s nice to know others are working towards goals like me…media can make you think everyone is perfect but you.”
“My favorite part of My Great BIG Life is the sisterhood of women.”
“As a result of My Great BIG Life I will embrace the resistance, not be discouraged, and work on taking care of me first.”

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