My Great BIG Life

A 1/2 day workshop giving you proven tools to create a life you love, from the inside…out.


Soul-setting at it’s finest!

What if you were confident that all of your to­do lists, quarterly objectives, goal setting, bucket listing, vision boarding and seemingly non­stop planning would lead to immense satisfaction, fulfillment, spiritual growth, and joy BEFORE you did all of the work?!

Here’s a life skill that will teach you just how to do that, called Inspired Life Design™.

Inspired Life Design™ is a practical way to create what you’ve always desired for your life….every single day. A process where feeding your soul as a priority leaves you feeling how you most want to feel and connecting you with your souls true desires.

My Great BIG Life is a digital course for women who want more fulfillment, peace, freedom, and joy. You’ll learn Inspired Life Design™, step­-by-­step and leave with an actionable plan to make it all happen.

It’s a small group on no more than 8 like-hearted individuals all seeking a complete solution to establishing alignment with their life desires.  

  • You’ll discover who you are deep down and align your actions to what really lights your fire.
  • You’ll make practical plans for living the life you’ve always imagined.
  • You’ll surround yourself with a sister­hood of conscious-driven others who also intend to make this their best year yet!


Led by Ranise Gillespie, Certified Transformation Coach and also known as The HABIT MASTER.

Ranise has been coaching busy professionals to lasting lifestyle transformation so they have more of what they want in life.

What is Inspired Life Design™?

Inspired Life Design™ is a life skill filled with the tools, support and inspiration you need to take the journey to your Great BIG Life.  There are 4 steps corresponding to each week of lessons that focus on all you need for your journey,  they are:


Inspired Life Design™ is broke into 4 phases:

Phase 1:  Get Grounded will establish for you a foundation of basic understanding and belief that will support you as you update old beliefs and perspectives that no longer serve you.

Phase 2:  Get Inspired will show you how to connect at a deeper level accessing unlimited streams of wisdom, courage, and creativity as you become crystal clear about what drives you and what will bring you the fulfillment you’ve been craving.

Phase 3:  Get Clear will help you take your new awareness to a new level so you can get laser focused on what you really want while letting go of distractions, blocks, and hinderances that get in the way.

Phase 4:  Get Aligned is about building an everyday practice that supports your deepest desires…relieving you of the constant struggle and frustration that comes with misalignment and preparing you to allow your desires to flow into your life.

Here’s what you can expect!

1.  The workshop will take place from 10am-4pm in a private, comfortable setting that is revealed to each participant after registration.
2.  There is a workshop scheduled monthly, and group size is limited to 8 individuals to ensure everyone receives ample opportunity for laser coaching and personal application of the content.
3.  The days schedule is below.  Please plan to be prompt and stay for the entire workshop to get the most benefit from the accumulative content and interactive exercises.
10am – Introduction
11am – Get Grounded
12pm – Get Inspired
1pm – Lunch
2pm – Get Clear
3pm – Get Aligned
4.  Each participant will receive a 36 page workbook to help them master Inspired Life Design™, and as well as an ongoing reference.
5.  Be ready to conduct some deep soul work, reflection, breakthrough’s and epiphanies through interactive exercises, group discussions, private reflecting time and one-on-one sharing.  
6.  Participants will leave with a clear understanding of where they’re at, and practical application to implement in their life right away for guaranteed results! 
7.  Beverages and a healthy lunch will be provided.