My Great BIG Life

A 4 week self-paced exploration of what matters most

Soul-setting at it’s finest!


What if you were confident that all of your to­do lists, quarterly objectives, goal setting, bucket listing, vision boarding and seemingly non­stop planning would lead to immense satisfaction, fulfillment, spiritual growth, and joy BEFORE you did all of the work?!

Here’s a life skill that will teach you just how to do that, called Inspired Life Design™.

Inspired Life Design™ is a practical way to create what you’ve always desired for your life….every single day. A process where feeding your soul as a priority leaves you feeling how you most want to feel and connecting you with your souls true desires.

My Great BIG Life is a digital course for women who want more fulfillment, peace, freedom, and joy. You’ll learn Inspired Life Design™, step­-by-­step and leave with an actionable plan to make it all happen.

You’ll spend 4 weeks immersed in YOU, who you really are, and what you really want.

  • You’ll discover who you are deep down and align your actions to what really lights your fire.
  • You’ll make practical plans for living the life you’ve always imagined.
  • You’ll surround yourself with a sister­hood of like­hearted others who also intend to make this their best year yet!


Led by Ranise Gillespie, Certified Health & Transformation Coach and also known as The HABIT MASTER.

Ranise has been coaching busy professionals to lasting lifestyle transformation so they have more of what they want in life.

What is Inspired Life Design™?

Inspired Life Design™ is a life skill filled with the tools, support and inspiration you need to take the journey to your My Great BIG Life.  There are 4 steps corresponding to each week of lessons that focus on all you need for your journey.  They are:

Here you’ll take an introspective look at yourself and your life and get connected with your own personal, unlimited wellspring of inspiration ­ your soul.  You’ll also spend some time reflecting on the last period be it last, week, last month or the last year.  I’s important to take the time to appreciate your journey to now.
Here you’ll ask yourself some questions that get to the root of what you really want in your life, your TRUE DESIRE.  This is where the deep soul based work takes place, leaving you with a new level of clarity with which to create your future.
Here you’ll declare your Great BIG Goals by exploring new and existing ideas of what your TRUE DESIRE can actually looks like in your life.  You’ll identify which Inspired Actions you’d like to take on your journey.
Here you’ll Clear the Clutter by letting go of what’s in the way and detaching from specific results.  You focus is now on your TRUE DESIRE and what you can do on a daily basis to create more of that in your life.  

Here’s what you’ll receive!

 Each week you’ll get access to a lesson from your program dashboard that corresponds with each step of the Inspired Life Design™ process.  I’ll also walk you through meditations and exercises giving you time to complete them during the lesson.
 This workbook/journal gives you space to complete each exercise in the ILD process as well as bonus exercises and journal prompts to use going forward.  It’s designed for you to choose between saving a digital copy or printing it out, whichever is best for you.  It’s my hope that it becomes a resource you can utilize for life. It’s a place to work out the details of each phase of Inspired Life Design™ and help you put a clear vision for yourself into writing making execution a lot easier.
 Each week you’ll receive an email with a weekly challenge that’s helps you experience the current Inspired Life Design™ step  in real life.  It takes the methodology from theory to practice.
 You’ll receive a link to schedule your private check-in session with me to be conducted at the close of your 4 week program. This session is our chance to connect and discuss your experience and how I can support you going forward in Your Great BIG Life.


Should you have any questions, concerns or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us at, we will reply and do all we can to make things right.
My Great Big Life is for you if…
• You are ready to be fully engaged in your life instead of sitting on the sidelines watching, wishing, waiting for your life to change and making empty promises to yourself about “someday.”
• You want to be completely consumed by happiness, connection, and living in the moment; instead of being controlled by expectations, unwanted obligations, and a mediocre existence.
• You want to create real relationships with & celebrate other women instead of all the comparing and competing of our lives and achievements.
• You’re tired of feeling stuck in a certain area/areas of you life and you are ready for transformation.
Yes. If you’ve worked the program and find that it is just not working for you, request a full refund up to 30 days into your program. No problem. I confidently offer this guarantee simply because I know what a value the program is for those looking for real transformation