A 3 Month Journey to Your Life’s Sweet Spot


FLOURISH! is a personalized growth journey for women wanting to permanently transform a specific condition or area of their life.

The program is delivered over 3 months using a combination of private coaching session, live group sessions,  self-paced lessons all easily accessible from your computer, tablet, or smart phone.

  • Live coaching sessions with Ranise feature coaching techniques and exercises designed to facilitate deep change and transformation.
  • There are self-paced lessons, exercises, meditations and journaling prompts designed to build habits that sustain transformation.
  • Weekly email with real world challenges, cement learning with experience so your transformation feels easy and natural.

FLOURISH! program is for the savvy, driven, conscious woman who have spent years working hard to build the life she always “thought” she wanted. In the process certain truly important areas of her life were neglected and maybe even forgotten, leaving her feeling stuck, discouraged and unfulfilled.


Deep down she may desire...

• Deep meaningful relationships with family and friends.
• Habits that support a healthier lifestyle.
• Fulfilling work and career.
• Intimate relationship with God, self, and partner.
• The ability to live in the now and experience true joy.
• Self­care regimens and practices that reflect her values.
• A supportive tribe needed to flourish and thrive.
• The recognition and appreciation for the irreplaceable value they bring to the world.
• Knowing what it’s like to walk in her truth.

Now she awakes to experience painful and confusing gaps between a life that harmonizes feelings of fulfillment with her ability to actually create the reality she deserves.

Her very own mind seems to work against her…she deals with negative self talk, lack of self-­control, feeling uninspired…unmotivated, and completely overwhelmed with the process of “fixing” her life.

She may have a constant feeling of overwhelm and realizes she has to make dramatic changes in order to have the life she envisions.

She also knows she can’t do it alone…because she’s tried.

FLOURISH! is a safe space with the methodology, tools, and support you need to transform your life in a permanent way.

Ranise uses the The NewCreation Method™:  6 Steps to REAL Transformation methodology to support you in aligning your beliefs with the results you seek so you make empowered actions that get the results you desire.

The programs extends for 4 months minimum, however you can choose to extend your program for 4 month increments.

Ranise creates a safe container while supporting you as you begin to walk in your truth.  She applies a loving way for you to stretch and stay on course.

Here’s what you get:

Every over week for 3 months we will meet via video conference where we’ll conduct the deep soul work needed to firmly establish the habits and mindset needed to get the results you want. You’ll experience huge breakthroughs, gain powerful understanding, develop strong resilience and set the stage for real life transformation. You’ll leave each session with empowering actions that will get you feeling what you want to feel in every area of life. Replacing struggle and stuckness with new perspective and and freedom.

Ever other week we will meet as a group over conference to provide support, discuss growth and challenges as well as practice new mindsets and conduct exercises to cement them for living.

The process is completed when you can apply your new habits and naturally sustain them when it matters most.  The challenges are opportunities for you to solidify your new perspectives in your unique life.

Transformation can be challenging and at times confusing. To give you the support and accountability you need, you’ll have the opportunity to converse with Ranise between sessions via, email, phone or text so your road to transformation is smooth and deliberate.

For 30 days following the close of your program, you’ll continue to have access to Ranise’s office hours as an extra leg of support.

If by the end of your first session you are not completely satisfied, simply send your request in writing and your money will be refunded, no questions asked. Why? It’s my intention with this program to bring you the very best cutting edge transformation techniques, so I’m confident that you’ll love your new direction and together we’ll equip you with all you need to make the transformation your life needs to flourish.

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