About 2 years ago I became obsessed with the idea of ageless living.  It started when I read Goddesses Never Age by Christiane Northrup.  The book is really about balance.  At the time I was 45 years old and felt like I was 30.  And it wasn’t just me.  I would constantly get faces of aww and shock when people learned my age. Most people would say they thought I was about 35.  I was grateful for the compliment.  But wanted to explore how to sustain it.

By that time I knew it wasn’t just good genes…It’s your lifestyle that gives off that vibrant aura that others seem to pick up on.  It includes more than just caring what you look like.  It’s mostly caring how you feel!  So I decided to focus on it.  Figure out what ageless living really looks like on an every day basis.  How would one adopt it?  What’s important about it?  How can living agelessly improve a life?  So I picked up countless resources but most of all I listened to my soul.  I know it starts with learning to just BE.  So I set out to get better and better at just being ME.  

That was more than a notion.  Learning to slow down, to focus, to get clear, to be grounded and centered…it took a minute, and the journey continues.  

Once you pass 40 some things naturally just fall off…you cease to care what mostly anybody thinks, you’re done chasing “things” and “acquiring” just for the sake of accumulation.  You begin to value your experiences and begin a quest to see them be even more …deep.  

You finally start to release judgement and criticism on yourself that plagued you in the 20’s and 30’s.   And finally all this allows you to get in touch with who you really are and what you really want at a very deep level.  At least thats been my path.  As a health and transformation coach I might be a little more aware since I work on self-development every day.  But I see it as a natural path for women all over who’ve gained experience in this world.  

What I see that can stagnate this growth or kinda get in the way…life.  But it’s really two ends of the stick…on one end you have everyday obligations, expectations, and the surprises.  Then on the other end you have joy, peace, and excitement.  It’s all good.  

But it’s the pace of our modern era that can stall progress…who has time to stop make a 180 turn and focus on an ageless lifestyle?  What I see most often is women who focus in one specifically challenging while other areas go to pot.  But I propose that women deserve this lifestyle across the board.  

This blog is a call for women to be focused but to be balanced.  The results?  Fulfillment.  You experience more of your life.  And I’m sure it’s a great life so why not love every morsel.  That doesn’t mean life won’t still happen.  It will.  And that’s what you want.  Your ageless response to life though is what makes it delicious.

But I know many many women crave this.  They know it should it’s their time.  They know it’s their birthright.  They know it has to happen eventually, and the sooner the better.  

So that’s what I’m here to do.  To help women over 40 to stop and repave their path so it’s giving them what they really want.  You can call it reinvention, you can call it freedom seeking, you can call it finding your Sweet Spot. 

Stay tuned for the best of Ageless Living advice, inspiration, resources and fun.  We have to support each other and it’s my hope that here you’ll find just what you need to move forward on your journey to your Sweet Spot.

Here’s to Living Agelessly!